Our Mission

At Motoreco we make decisions that focus on the future. We want to look after our planet and celebrate the natural world. This simple vision forms the basis for a manufacturing company that is ready to change the industry.

All of our 3D printed products are printed using rPLA sourced from Filamentive This ensures that all the filament in our products is made by repurposing waste plastics. Every reel of filament consumed is made from the equivalent of 70 wasted plastic bottles!

Our canvas range and posters are printed by Gelato which offer local printing across 38 countries meaning the shipping distances are lower!

Furthermore the canvas wood used is all FSC® certified wood.

We also pledge 10% of our profits paid to different sustainability charities, no matter what! Charities we have worked with so far include:

- Weforest (5%)

- Oceana (5%)

 In addition to this for every purchase of a product which uses a wooden resource we will be planting one tree with Ripple Africa

A Word From The Founder

 As a person who has grown up through the early 2000's I am very aware of the evolving climate crisis as well as the state we are leaving our planet in, and I want to do something to help. This has been teamed up with my passion for motorsport and cars, an unusual alliance but I firmly believe that the motoring community can and will do more for the planet with a higher awareness and more options of more sustainable approaches in an area where sustainability is traditionally put to the side.

I also want to highlight the positivity the community can have on the environment the motoring industry has constantly challenged and pushed for improvements on environmental factors often at the forefront. 


  • Olly

    Founder and managing director