The New Electric Corvette C8

The New Electric Corvette C8

The Stingray is no more, welcome the E-ray

Corvette are synonymous with speed, noise and pornstars. But the new c8 E-ray might threaten to change these. 

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

The first thing alot of us think of when we hear Corvette, but can it keep thte image going electric? Image Credit: Josh Berquist

Pairing the V8 with an electric motor to make the car 4WD means that first aspect, the speed well that is definitely still there. Making a total of 646bhp the car will go 0-60 in around 2.5s. Wow that's fast speed certainly still ticked.

 Chevrolet Corvette C8 E-Ray

Image credit: Chevrolet

The front axle will host the electric motors while the engine will remain in the middle of the car the same 6.2L big ol v8. This ICE engine will produce 488 bhp meaning that the front motor is going to make 158bhp that isn't too bad! 

The supercar will come with a 1.9KWH battery pack which is mainly charged through an ERS in the braking system. While it will have (cool name coming up) a "stealth mode" for driving around just on the electric motor this is quite limited with a low range and a limited top speed. The Vette goes even further with fuel saving offering a cylinder deactivation to run only 4 of the cars 8 cylinders to save petrol, because that's what every Corvette owner has ever cared about before. 

Chevrolet corvette C8 Eray

Image Credit: Chevrolet

Adding an electrified power adds some weight, the car sits at 1712kg a tad bit chunkier than the standard electronically supported supercars coming out of Europe. Although I still don't think Chevrolet is seriously competing with Ferrari and Mclaren. The car is likely to be around $110,000 which when we compare that to Ferraris equivalent you would be saving around $200,000 buy buying the Corvette, see it is sensible!

Brembo carbon ceramic brakes come as standard, with 20" and 21" wheels coming with Michelin Pilot Sport rubber wraped aroud them. The body is slightly wider leaning for even more road presence as well as adaptive dampers for improved road handling and comfort. 

The car will be unlikely to come to the UK although the electronic component means it is more likely to be well received compared to the stingray currently being sold here. The US market will certainly get the lion share of the E-Vette.

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