New Nürburgring Record Goes To Mercedes

New Nürburgring Record Goes To Mercedes

6 minutes and 35 seconds

That is how long it takes to complete 20.83kms of twisty narrow German terror in asphalt form. At least that is if you are in a Mercedes Project One car, and of course if you have the skills or talent to go that fast...

To be precise the car did a lap in 6:35:183, this sets is up as not surprisingly the fastest production car to take on the green hell. Previously this record was held by Porsche with the 911 GT2 RS lapping in 6:43:3, so that's a massive 8 seconds shaved off of an already insane time.


Although it is worth mentioning that the Mercedes costs a shattering £2.3 million, so that's around £2,000,000 more than the Porsche, that 7 seconds really is worth a lot isn't it? The mad man, sorry driver, behind this lap is Maro Engel and was set at 5:14pm local time, the last lap of the day and he even alleged that it was a bit damp! 1049bhp in the damp around the green hell takes some serious nerve, we doth our metaphorical caps off to you Mr Engel.

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The 'Race Plus' mode of the One surely did a good stint, I feel like this wasn't done in comfort mode. This freed up the active aero, lowered the ride height by 37mm and not just to look cool. A tighter chassis tuning was enabled and the entirety of the Formula 1 1.6l V6 turbo, combined with the 4 electric motors could be unleashed. 

The result a new gauntlet has been set, your turn Aston Martin.

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