Featured Video 11/04/22 - Rons Rides

Featured Video 11/04/22 - Rons Rides

What Is The Video?

This is a video from Rons Rides a youtuber who has a passion for motoring! This video zooms in and analyses a potential upcoming Alfa Romeo Stradale 33. The video looks at some renders as well as some potential details in to this concept car. Ron investigates a series of renders which were sent and leaked from Alfa Romeo dealers all of this sent petrol heads everywhere spinning in confusion and excitement!

Ronsrides youtube channel

Who Made The Video?

Rons Rides is a youtube channel ran with the purpose of expressing a passion for vehicles, in particular Italian exotic cars. Looking primarily at his love of Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Maserati but he has owned a Dodge Charger, and a BMW 535i before indulging in his Italian passion with a Maserati Ghibili and a Maserati Ghibili s. 

Rons videos tend to be a look at some awesome cars including a Maserati MC12, as well as many others! A recent stand out is a behind the scenes trip to a Ferrari racing day featuring many of their off road cars such as the 599xx.

Go and check him out! RonsRides

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