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Motoreco | Clean Shine Ceramic Detailer - 500ml

Motoreco | Clean Shine Ceramic Detailer - 500ml

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The Complete Clean

Get the complete clean with Motoreco cleaning kits.

High Quality Shine

Our products are designed to make your car pop in every way. Find the right product we have something for every part of your pride and joy

Fully recyclable packaging

Our products are all packaged in fully recyclable packaging helping to reduce waste

Always Shipped Tracked

We default send our products tracked with Royal Mail, other shipping upgrades are available at checkout

Clean Shine Ceramic Detailer - 500ml

After you have washed your car how do you give it that crisp perfect shine, with our Clean Shine Ceramic Detailer! 

Our detailer is ultra hydrophobic giving you that great water beading effect and sealing and protecting your freshly cleaned paintwork. High levels of gloss finish and extreme contact angles, can be used on its own as stand alone protection or as a top up over existing waxes and sealants.

Directions for use

1. Spray on to work area

2. Apply across the area with microfibre cloth

3. Buff with a clean microfibre cloth

Do not use on warm surfaces or allow the product to dry, do not use on wrapped or matte surfaces.

Ceramic Infused | Super- Hydrophobic Finish | Spray And Wipe Formulation | Up To 3 Month Durability

Safety Data Sheet

The entirety of our bottle including the nozzle is recyclable along with all of our packaging!

Bottle and nozzle made from recycled plastic (PET)

Produced and packaged in the UK lowering our supply chain carbon emissions.

10% of profits go to charity!

5% to Weforest

5% to Oceana

Widely recycled, rinse bottle after use before recycling

Also available on Amazon!


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