TVR speed 12 side / front view

TVR 12 sets new record for the most expensive TVR selling at £600k

TVR is a name easily forgetten in the motoring world of recent, however, the recent sale of the only road going TVR speed 12 has reset some memories of the UK car maker.

TVR speed 12 sold at auction helicopter above car
The car sold for a record £601,500 the most expensive TVR ever sold, this car is considered as too powerful to make it to production, this is as a result of its 7.7 liter engine pushing out around 840bhp. Combined with a lightweight philosiphy and the car weiighing approximately 1000kg thanks largley to its carbon kevlar bodywork. The car propels in to a 0-60 time of under 3 seconds, and a top speed (estimated) of 240mph although this has not been verified. The car is so powerful when it was first manufactured in 1997 it broke dyno machines.
TVR speed 12 side view
The interior, well the inside as there isn't really much interior. Heavily inspired by racing for the least possible weight the car has a roll cage, racing seats and thats about it! One thing is for sure in the wrong hands this car could quite easily be a killer, we do hope we get to see this amazing piece of TVR history about and driven not just hidden away to never be seen again. Mind you that would be an expensive crash...
Let us know what you think, was this a bargain?
TVR speed 12 rear view
Photocredit: Silverstone Auctions