Team Norway (Solberg) Wins The ROC Nations Cup

Team Norway (Solberg) Wins The ROC Nations Cup

Day 1 Over At ROC And Team Norway Takes The Nations Cup

In the freezing cold setting sun of Sweden the greatest motorsport drivers of the current time did battle in equal machinery on unknown circuits and unknown changing conditions. And the nations team to come out on top was team Norway with Petter and Oliver Solberg beating Team All Stars with drivers Felipe Drugovich and Thierry Neuville.

The final saw a white wash from the Solbergs at home on the ice but when it came to making it 3-0 Oliver Solberg kept it close winning by only a second. Thierry Neuville tried to hang on but it was the Solbergs dancing on the cars once more a great win for the father and son team.

David Coulthard Race of chamions

ROC Is always a great event with races often coming within a few tenths of a second and huge unpredictable moments, just like David Coulthard "Driving like an octopus" I think that saying might catch on. Team GB were knocked out in the first round against team Germany with Jamie Chadwick taking the teams only win. 

Tune in tomorrow Sunday the 29th on Sky F1 in the UK (Find where for other countries here) at 11:00GMT to catch the individual runs to see if there is any stopping the Solbergs.

Photo credit: ROC