Porsche 911 ST

Porsche 911 ST

A 992 last hurah

Porsche is releasing another limited edition 911 but this may be one of the last veresions before the 992 is facelifed and changed and more importantly electrified in 2024.

The 60th anniversary of the Porsche 911 is signalling a lighter quicker car for Porsche to celebrate its heritage and this is it. The 911 ST will be based on other 911 Carrera T but stealing the 911 GT3's 4 litre naturally aspirated flat size capable of punching out 503bhp and 347 lb -ft. This will likely propel it to 60 in less than four seconds and see it knocking on the door of the 200 club in the early to mid 190mph range.

Porsche 911 ST spyshot

Image credit: 9werks

On top of this Porsche has thrown in a load of lightweight goodies, carbon fibre body panels being the doors and roof will substantially lower the cars total mass improving performance. 

That ST name is slightly rumoured allegedly insiders at Porsche have hinted that this will be the model name as it will become the lightest 992 generation Porsche 911. The ST name was last seen for the run of super light racing cars back in 1970. 

Porsche 911 ST Spyshot from 9werk

Image credit: 9werks

Boris Apenbrinks goal of not saturating the special edition line has said to autocar"It will be up to two years before you can expect the next car". 

We hope this combination of lightweight and crazy power will throw back to the earlier more raw 911's it will be refined but still savage. No price point has been given yet but I think it is fair to assume we are around or over the £200k mark.

Now how can I convince someone to give me the keys?