Mercedes sidepods

Mercedes unveil new sidepod design amid Monaco updates

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport has unveiled a raft of new updates for the Monaco Grand Prix, as the team looks to close the gap to Red Bull Racing at the top of the Formula 1 World Championship.
The most significant change is the introduction of a new sidepod design. The new sidepods are much smaller than the previous design, and are designed to improve airflow to the car's rear end. Mercedes believes that the new sidepods will help to reduce drag and improve downforce, which will make the car more stable at high speeds.
Mercedes sidepod
In addition to the new sidepods, Mercedes has also made a number of other changes to the car. These include a new front wing, a new rear wing, and a new floor. The team is confident that these changes will help to improve the car's performance in all areas.
Mercedes has not yet revealed how much downforce the new car is generating, but the team is confident that it will be enough to challenge Red Bull for victory in Monaco. The street circuit is one of the most demanding in the world, and the team is confident that the new car will be able to handle the tight corners and limited run-off areas.
Mercedes sidepod
The Monaco Grand Prix is the next race on the Formula 1 calendar, and it will be the first time that Mercedes has raced with the new car. The team is hoping that the new car will be able to help them to close the gap to Red Bull and challenge for podiums regularly.
Photocredit: Skysports