Mclaren Show Off The MCL60

Mclaren Show Off The MCL60

Mclaren unveil the MCL60 with drivers Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri ready to take on the 2023 season but is it a winner?

The car was unveiled at the Mclaren technology centre by Zak Brown, Lando and Oscar with new team principal Andrea Stella. Hosted by celebrities "Vikkstar" and Ariana Bravo we saw a quick run through the history of Mclaren and the foundations Bruce set down.

After silly season of last year this is the first real time we have seen Lando and Oscar together and it looks like it will be a great driver pairing! We also saw Zak Brown and Andrea Stella name dropping as many sponsors names as they could in 5 minute for the first time.

The car sees the classic papaya colours return, with smackerings of light blue and exposed carbon it is a good looking car. Aesthetically the car looks very similar to last year with just a few small aero tweaks but as with most of the other cars we have seen it will likely look very different in Bahrain testing.

Mclaren MCL 60 2023 F1 car

Mclaren MCL 60 front view 2023 f1 car

Mclaren side view mcl 60 2023 f1 car


How well do you think the ML60 will do? Back as a title contender?


Photo Credit Mclaren Sky sports