First Day Of F1 2023 Testing Is Over

First Day Of F1 2023 Testing Is Over

The first day of the formula one pre-season test is over, we saw Max Verstappen tops the first day of testing as Fernando Alonso crops up the time sheets.

But it really isn't all about the timings as we know, eyes are on Aston Martin as expectations grow higher on them after significant investment over the years, however with Lance Stroll not attending the test his replacement had an issue in the first 15 minutes stopping on track which cost the team precious testing time. 

Mercedes seem to have got a grip on last years porpoising issues which will surely have Redbull and Ferrari looking over their shoulders as we saw Piastri, De Vries and Logan Sargeant out on track for their first F1 session of 2023. 

Alas reliability is the main name of the game here with laps done, not surprisingly Max Verstappen did the most laps, considering he was the only driver doing the entire day this isn't too surprising.

Sergio Perez gets his first outing tomorrow afternoon which will mark the moment that all drivers have had their first go around in their new car for the year, well except for Lance Stroll who we hope will return next week for the grand prix.


Ferrari had an interesting dimple in the morning on the front nose, where at speed it looked as though the upper surface of the wing buckled creating a little dimple, however, the team have cleared up that this wasn't on purpose it was unexpected and something they will look in to.

Mclaren didn't appear to be straight to the mark hanging out at the bottom of the time sheets, for a lot of the day, although we know the times are not worth reading in to too much. Norris did begin pumping in a few quicker laps towards the end of the session. 

We look forward to tomorrow the 24th where the cars will be back out again at the same time, programming begins on Sky Sports F1 at 6:50am and again at 12:10pm for the afternoon session.