F1 Sends A Stern Letter To FIA Regarding Tweets

F1 Sends A Stern Letter To FIA Regarding Tweets

FIA In Awkward Tweet Storm

Amid rumours regarding Formula 1 being purchased by the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund FIA chairman Mohammed Ben Sulayem took to twitter to F1's frustration.

The chairman tweeted stating about an alleged price tag of $20 billion (with a b) to purchase the F1 empire saying that it was an "inflated price tag". Now if you were F1 and were looking at selling off your stake this kind of remark would be quite deflating to you wallet.

Mohammed Ben Sulayem tweet stream aimed at F1

This was a reply to a news report that a potential purchase of F1 from the Saudi public investment fund which is yet to be commented on by Liberty Media or F1 itself. The Race has reported that these tweets were not even discussed with anyone at f1. 

This reaction of a letter being sent to us implies that Liberty were in deed in at least talks about a potential sale. If there was a deal taking place and then a significant figure associated with the brand you were buying comes out and says it has an "inflated price tag" this is likely to impact your bargaining to Liberty Medias detriment.

F1 has since said that " the contents of the letter include a reference to the presidents comments interfering with F1's commercial rights holder 'in an unacceptable manner', "it also warns that if the value of F1 is damaged then the FIA will be liable. 

Looks like more of a drift between the sport itself and its governing body to us...