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Toyota Supra MK IV Wall Art - Made From Recycled Discarded Plastics!

Toyota Supra MK IV Wall Art - Made From Recycled Discarded Plastics!

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3D Printed Car Wall Art

Toyota Supra MKIV

We can do any car!

3D Printed in sturdy, high quality, environmentally friendly rPLA filament, a creative way to express a passion for motorsport! A familiar shape which combines well in a contemporary styled room, this sleek addition can help highlight room features, acts as a great space filler and wall decor!

The Toyota Supra is one of Japans most legendary exports. The Supra MkIV also known as the A80 was released in 1993 boasting the iconic 2JZ engine combined with 90's sports cars looks to die for! The car was a title car in the fast and furious movie franchise and is still seen as one of the best cars in car tuner culture across the globe. The car comes stock with 326bhp although tuners have been known to get their hands on the engine and turn that up to over 1,000bhp! The internal styling takes inspiration from fighter jets and the car is incredibly driver focused. Any petrolhead will resonate with the profile image, even without the name underneath, people will know this product celebrates the Supra!

10% of profits go to charity!

5% to Weforest

5% to Oceana

Approx dimmension range:
L: 180mm-220mm
W: 140mm - 180mm
D: 4mm

Makes for a great birthday gift!

We are so confident in the strength of our products that if they ever break we will send you another one no questions asked!

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How Long Will my Order Take To Arrive?

Our products are dispatched from our UK based facility, UK orders take 2-3 working days and international orders 7-10 working days.

Our canvas and poster range are dispatched through a local Gelato facility in over 30 countries these take approximately 4-5 days.

How Are You Better For The Environment?

It may not seem possible but our 3D printed producst are made from Filamentive rPLA which is made from repurposed waste material (Approx 55% varies per colour). We also store all of our excess waste to be repurposed and reused!

Our posters and canvasses are printed by one of Gelatos facilities which they have bases in over 30 countries drastically reducing the potential delivery miles!

We also donate 10% of profits to charity a scheme we are looking to expand on!