How Is ROC Going Sustainable

How Is ROC Going Sustainable

ROC Is On The Road To Sustainability But What Are They Doing?

The Race Of Champions is on this weekend and you might notice a pivot towards a more sustainable race, but how is this being achieved? 

There simple targets have been set by ROC as they set out to reduce their impact, these are simply: Carbon reduction, waste management and recycling and community engagement and gender equality. But how are they achieving some of these?

Carbon Reduction

This year ROC goes to Havsbad in Sweden, to reduce the impact of the race there have been a few changes. The cars used are now primarily electric and hybrid competition cars with the non electric cars being used are now ran on 100% fossil fuel free biofuel. But it isn't only on the track that things are improving, electric vehicles and machines are being used to build the cricuit (it is on a frozen lake, that's a lot of snow to move around!). Airport transfers are also being done via electric vehicles and the hotels selected for the staff, teams, guests and famous drivers such as Sebastian Vettel have been selected within a walking distance to the track reducing the reliance on transportation. 

The remainder of any carbon compensation is being offset with gold standard credits locally to Sweden.

Waste management and recycling

An effort ROC has looked at throughout the entire supply chain. This means looking at all the elements that go in to the race and ensuring a reduction in manufacturing waste and to attempt to Wipeout some of the environmental impact the production side has on the environment.

Community engagement and gender equality

Offering a youth job opportunities as well as a volunteer programme looking for engagement from the locals to the race circuit to get everyone involved. ROC is also working with local schools and sports club to promote the youth in to a world of racing and get the early years cogs turning on ways to go racing and do it responsibly. 40% of the ROC core staff is currently women doing a great job promoting equality in the racing world.


Read more at ROC page here!

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