Is The Used Car Bubble Bursting?

Is The Used Car Bubble Bursting?

Used Car Sales Slow

The used car market has been a little crazy to say the least over the past few years in the wake of the covid pandemic. But is the ship turning? Well SMMT have reported that year on year car sales are down 9.7%. That is a lot but even worse when you consider the meteoric rise in prices, while this sales volume is dropping is there a chance that used car prices are going to lower with it?

Car For Sale Sign rusted old car windscreen

Photo Credit Hilbert Hill Unsplash

Well simply supply and demand would suggest it would and with the 12.2% fall in the UK Q2 - Q3 this is likely to be the plateau and beginning of a small bleeding drop for used cars.

Toyota Supra in black A90

Photo Credit Alexandru Ivanov Unsplash

So maybe now is the time to start eyeing up that dream Supra you wanted, perhaps the prices are going to begin to roll downhill.



Feature photo credit Jim Witkowski Unsplash

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