Ferrari Launch A Red Car For F1 2023 Season

Ferrari Launch A Red Car For F1 2023 Season

To everyone's surprise today as Ferrari launch their F1 car for 2023 it is indeed, red.

The launch was actually quite good with the first sighting of the car being on the Fiorano track driven by Charles Leclerc. Of course both drivers were present with Carlos Sainz also making an appearance.

As for the car, well, as with every other car launch this year it looks aesthetically the same. We don't expect to really see any different car shapes until Bahrain as these tend to be mainly livery launches to appease sponsors. The car has kept its aerodynamic philosophy so far with the big swimming pool side pods, that distinguished duct in the front nose now has an honestly less iconic shape but the question we wait to be answered is can it take it to Red bull more reliably this year?

Ferrari F1 car 2023
Ferraru f1 car 2023
Ferrari f1 car 2023 rear

Photo credit Ferrari

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