Verstappen vs leclerc

F1 2023 Season Preview

The cars are all out and the drivers are in place, what are we looking forward to most in the 2023 F1 season?

As the covers come off of the cars and pre season testing begining this week we can start to look forward, here are 5 things we can't wait to watch in Formula one 2023!

Max Verstappen Vs Charles Leclerc, round 2

We were treated last year especially in the early parts to a great battle between the two biggest names of their generation, the first time we got to see them wheel to wheel at the front and last year it was Max and Redbull that came out on top. While Ferrari has to take some of the blame it felt like a great warm up year for Leclerc and those wheel to wheel battles were great we just pray it can keep on going all the way through the year this time!

Max Verstappen Charles Leclerc Imola Podium

Can Mercedes bounce back

Mercedes were the absentees last year, well they were there we could see them bouncing along in the back. But can they really fix it and get up and let us have a proper 3 team scrap for the championships, the driver pairing is easily good enough to fight for it but will the car?

Mercedes F1 2023 team launch

Has Fernando Alonso made another bad choice?

Alonso has had his career defined by both his amazing driving and his rather outlandish approach to team relationships. Well he quickly soured the relationship with Alpine and left out of that door as quickly as he could it seemed he headed to Aston Martin a team which since Lawrence Strolls take over has promised fighting for the championship, yet they have seemed to only go backwards. Could this be the beginning of the fall back down the grid for Alonso to end his career again not on the top in F1 or will it turn out to be a masterful choice like Hamilton in 2013...

Aston martin car launch fernando alonso lance stroll

The Esteban Ocon, Pierre Gasly drama, or is has it all cooled off?

THe two never seemed to get along, to the extent that last year it felt like a risk that Gasly may not get offered the seat purely down to his personal relationship with Esteban Ocon. Preseason everything has been freindly but when the helmets go on will this reignite a feud, a potential headache for Otmar Szafnauer to deal with this year!

Gasly ocon fist bump autosport

Was Piastri worth kicking out Daniel Ricciardo

We all remember the twitter storm from last July as it was announced that Piastri would be racing with Alpine, at least, until he himself came out and said "nope not for me" (that is paraphrased a tad) at that point we all knew Daniel Ricciardo was in trouble. This was frankly a PR disaster for Piastri, Mclaren and Alpine, so lets find out if it was all worth it, can Piastri keep up with Norris?

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