F1 2023 Car Launch Schedule (so far)

F1 2023 Car Launch Schedule (so far)

The Schedule Is Forming

We love the F1 car reveal season maybe it is all just extravagant marketing but more often than not it resets us ready for another year of racing and gets us eagerly counting down to the first testing session to see who got it right. But of course even to an untrained aerodynamic eye we can see some obvious differences and occasionally new sponsors or marketing directions can really change the look of a car and who doesn't enjoy a brand new livery? *Cough* Haas *Cough*

To Expect

2023 has begun and as such the 11 F1 teams have been revealing the dates that they will be showing off the latest car. The regulations have stayed pretty stagnant so there won't be any drastic new looks, well unless there's a surprise of course!

So what's the schedule?

Alpha Tauri - February 11th

Aston Martin - February 13th

Mclaren - February 13th

Ferrari - February 14th

Alpine - February 16th

Redbull - TBC

Alfa Romeo - TBC

Haas - TBC

Williams - TBC

The first round of testing happens on Bahrain on the 23rd - 25th of February before the first race getting underway on the 5th March.



Image Credit - Nick Fewings Unsplash

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