6 eco friendly ways to clean your car for show season

6 eco friendly ways to clean your car for show season


There's something special about having a car that looks its very best during show season. But traditionally, detailing and cleaning your car means using harmful chemicals and substances that can have a negative effect on the environment. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternative ways to keep your car looking pristine without damaging the planet.

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Photo credit Ethan Sexton

If you’re a petrolhead who loves to show off their car and feel proud of its appearance, these top 6 eco friendly ways to clean your car for show season will help you get the job done without sacrificing the environment.

1. Try Waterless Car Washing – This is a great way to clean your car if you don’t have access to a hose or running water. All you need is a specialized cleaner and microfiber cloths and towels, which can be replenished as needed. The process is easy: spray the cleaner on one section at a time, wipe with the cloth, move onto the next section, and repeat until done!

2. Use Natural Soaps – If you do have access to water but want to keep things eco friendly, natural soaps are an excellent choice. Avoid harsh chemicals and look for soaps that are biodegradable or made with natural ingredients like coconut oil or olive oil. These soaps will help break down dirt and grime while being gentle on your paintwork.

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Photo credit Alex Avalos

3. Keep it Clean Inside – Vacuum regularly using an eco friendly vacuum cleaner if possible, such as one equipped with HEPA filters for better air filtration. Additionally, use wax-free natural cleaners like lemon juice or vinegar mixed with water to get rid of any lingering stains from spills or dirt build-up on dashboard surfaces and upholstery fabrics inside your car.

4. Say No to Harsh Chemicals – A common mistake is using harsh chemicals when cleaning your car’s exterior trim pieces like wheel wells and bumpers. For these areas it is better to use an all-natural solution like baking soda mixed with water instead of traditional wheel cleaners which can release toxins into our waterways when not disposed of properly.

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Photo credit Adrian Dascal

5. Take it Easy With Polishes – A good polish can make all the difference in restoring shine back into your paintwork but be cautious not to over do it as this can be damaging in the long run! It’s best practice to test out polishes in small sections first before applying liberally across all surfaces - this way you can adjust as needed according to each paint type’s individual needs instead of treating them all equally which may lead too much or too little being applied where it isn’t needed or wanted respectively..

6 Reuse Old Towels & Rags - As most petrolheads know, microfiber towels come in handy for buffing after washing but try not use single-use products that contribute waste every time they are tossed away after only one use! Instead think about reusing old towels & rags from around the house such as torn up t-shirts or even kitchen paper towels - just make sure they haven't been exposed any harmful chemicals first before using them around your vehicle otherwise this could damage its finish more than desired!

Car detailing doesn't have to compromise our planet; by following these eco friendly tips for cleaning your car before show season arrives you will have perfect results while still protecting Mother Nature at the same time!


Photo credit Tolga Ozon

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