Miami F1 GP Changes

Miami F1 GP Changes

Miami F1 GP Has A Few Tweaks For 2023

The race in Miami kicked off last year with huge amounts of fan fair, celebrities, a big old stadium and a urr "ahem" marina to go with it. In typical American style it almost seemed to be more noise than actual action though as the cars hit the track it looked great but with only 45 overtakes during the grand prix officials have decided to make a few changes.

New Track Surface

To aid overtaking the main complaint felt by the organisers they are resurfacing the entire track. We learned in 2022 that fitting in the Miami track on what seemed a little bit like a car park meant that the surface wasn't particularly grippy. Now this lead to a lack of opportunity for the drivers to really go wheel to wheel as the drivers struggled to get offline to make a move. Well the new surface is hoping to aid that but we will see how it works out, maybe the surface isn't the only problem.

Charles Leclerc Miami F1 race 2022

A spectacle, yes, a overtake fest, nope. We will see what a new track surface brings. Image credit: Moses Roldan

Paddock Relocation

The paddock sort of stole the show in 2023 being the amount of spectacle added with the media to of course hype up the USA's latest formula 1 venue. However, this year they want to go one step further, maybe this will help in keeping the drivers a bit less distracted and overran by the sheer number of celebrity influencers nobody has ever heard about. The paddock will be moved in to the actual stadium, yes so I don't know if this means everyone will get a police escort like Max Verstappen did last year from the track to the paddock but we are interested to see how it will look, on the TV I'm sure it will look great at least!

Max Verstappen gets police escort in Miami f1 GP

Max Verstappens rather, long and awkward police escort to the podium last year. Image credit: Formula 1

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Do you think they could do anything else to improve the racing at the Miami GP for 2023 or do you think they've done all they can?