Maserati Quattroporte Goes All Electric

Maserati Quattroporte Goes All Electric

EV Future For Maserati Takes Charge

With the death of the Maserati Ghibili in 2024 the Italian firm has announced that the Quattroporte will be the replacement, only this time round it's going full electric. Maserati are looking to slim down their (frankly very same-y) model line and replace the multiple saloons with just one option, the Quattroporte. While we don't know what it is like to drive as it hasn't even been made yet we can begin to ponder what this electrified future of Maserati may look like. 

The houtoging quattroporte

The outgoing quattroporte. Photo credit Hermes Rivera unsplash

One of the things which we loved about the old Quattroporte is that big v8 lump producing earth shattering sounds, will the new version be able to uphold the excitement? Well as they head in to battle with the Tesla invasion of model s' I think it is safe to say that the new Quattroporte will be quick, lightning quick. (Hope you like rubbish jokes). It is safe to assume that Maserati will go for a lump of a battery with most likely 4 motors one in each wheel. Now features we would like to see is a controllable dynamic between these motors, so have RWD when you want some fun, but be able to quickly switch to 4WD if you need to beat a run of the mill average ICE supercar off the line. 

Photocredit Talia unsplash

A host of luxuries will be sure to adorn the new model with the potential to have more of a disconnected feel is to be expected in an attempt to make the passengers almost forget their in one of the most exciting saloon cars ever made. But all this is likely to come at a cost. The current Quattroporte costs £94,000 sterling but adding a few years inflation and a new electric drivetrain, we would not be surprised to see this car have options around the £150,000 mark which honestly is maybe just a bit too... shocking even for us.