What happened at Goodwood this year?

What happened at Goodwood this year?

What Happened At Goodwood This Year?

Well it came around again one of our favourite motorsport events on the calendar, but what were some of our highlights this year?

Mcmurty Speirling Fan Car

There is no way that the Mcmurty fan car wasn't going to make this list. The car was driven by Max Chilton knocking off the Volkswagen ID-R lap record up the hill with an eye watering time of 39.08 seconds. The electric car uses two motors on the rear wheels generating 1000BHP, the drawback for electric cars is often the weight, however, thanks to its full carbon fibre monocoque the car weighs under 1000KG homing in closer to the 1:1 power to weight ratio. However, most of the speed came in this car from the unique fan system employed, this generates an immense amount of downforce achievable at any speed. As a result of this the car could launch of the start line with huge downforce levels pushing the car in to the road allowing it to go 0-60 in 1.4s!


 BMW Central Display

The iconic Goodwood central display in front of the house this year featured a celebration of 50 years of BMW M series. This display featured one car from each decade to celebrate the M name, the BMW 3.0CSL, the first M car, a BMW M1 procar a WTCC M320si as well as a V12 LMR and the new racing car ready to debut in the sportscar championship the LMDh race car. With teh cars looking like their rocketing off in to the sky this is a great testimony to BMW's impressive contribution to the motoring world.

BMW central display at Goodwood Festival of speed 2022 celebrating BMW M cars

Image courtesy of Goodwood.com

Supercar Car Park

 One of our favourite parts of Goodwood is the supercar car park, this is where people who are attending the event can park their cars which becomes something of an attraction itself. With cars from Audis to Zagatos the car park never fails to deliver, with Ferraris, Lamborghinis and even a campsite full of Koenigseggs there is always a surprise somewhere!

3 of Shmee150s supercars parked up at goodwood festival of speed 2022, Mercedes AMG GT Black Series Ford GT and Aston Martin Vantage

©Motoring Research

Wayne Rainey

Iconic Motorcycle GP 3 time champion Wayne Rainey was sadly involved in an incident which left him paralysed from the chest down in 1993 at the grand prix in Italy. He sadly had not been back on a bike since, except for now when his Yamaha had been adapted with rear brake and shifting controls being moved to the handle bars allowed for an emotional moment as he rode up the hill with his previous adversary Kenny Roberts.


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