Thank You!

Thank You!

Thank you!

We are glad to be writing this blog post after our first year of business and we dedicate it as a thank you to our customers across all of our platforms! As a result of your choice to purchase product's made from repurposed waste plastic you have increased the life cycle of a serious amount of otherwise wasted plastic! In addition to this you have helped us raise £355.67 for our friends at Weforest a registered charity focusing on reforestation as a part of the mission to make earth cooler!

As a result of our supplier Filamentive we have been able to manufacture and print products using repurposed plastics, Filamentive is constantly aiming to improve sustainability in 3D printing at both an industrial and a hobbyist level they have supplied our filament and supported us where is is needed!

Our donation to Weforest helps with their work, the 3 main approaches Weforest employ is to:

- Plant forest framework

- Agroforestry

- Assisted natural regeneration

These 3 areas focus on accelerating the recovery of damaged forest area, integrating more trees in to farmland and high density planting of trees. All of these methods aim of removing excess carbon dioxide from the air and encourage sustainable farming across the globe. By using our service's you have directly assisted in this mission, and for that the whole world thanks you! 

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