The New Nissan GTR R35

The New Nissan GTR R35

Nissan has dropped the new tweaked r35

Nissan has opted to make a few changes to the massively popular Nissan GTR r35, these include styling changes and aero with chassis set up changes. The downside, the new version will only be buyable in the US and Asian markets meaning that Europe and Australia miss out and won't be able to buy a new GTR in 2024. 

Nissan GTR r35 base edition 2024

The new Nissan GTR base edition. Image credit: Nissan

The engine for both the new base and Nismo models have not changed from the previous models keeping the twin turbo V6 pushing out 563bhp and 470lb-ft of torque for the base model with the Nismo producing 592bhp and 481lb -ft. So yep they still have same punch.

Nissan GTR r35 facelift

The new Nissan GTR Nismo edition. Image credit: Nissan

The suspension tweaks have been mainly drivability improvements focusing on reducing the noise and vibrations inside the cabin. 

Style wise the GTR gets aero tweaks one of the biggest differences is the LED lights installed in the cheeks of the bumper and the redesigned rear wing and bumper. The Nismo integrates these new front tweaks very well combined with some fender vents it looks truly menacing, while at the rear the new carbon fibre spoiler looks great mounted on two thick struts. But for me the diffuser design just looks a bit... toothy, I'm sure aerodynamically it works extremely efficiently but it just looks a tad off to me. 

The interior on the Nismo sees a great futuristic looking Recaro carbon fibre seats in the other ways same cabin.

Nissan GTR interior

The new Nissan GTR Nismo edition interior. Image credit: Nissan

In Japan customers will be treated to a Nismo special edition with upgraded engine internals on the piston and crank. While these don't add power it allows the engine to take a bit more punishment, and we know the GTR is a favourite for modifiers to push over 1000bhp. Visually the special edition will feature a carbon bonnet and red stripes around its forged Ray wheels.

The GTR has and will always be an icon of car culture whether you got introduced to it in person or through an LA youtuber the car is a cultural staple, the continued development has allowed this car to carry on competing with supercars conceived 15 years later than itself, a truly great car and we are glad it is getting yet another run out.  

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