Lamborghini Aventador Replacement Revealed In Patent Pictures

Lamborghini Aventador Replacement Revealed In Patent Pictures

Lamborghini Posts For A Patent Revealing A Few Sneak Peaks

In the world of automotive design at some point if you are pushing the limits on your super secret project you're going to have to apply to the authorities to patent your product. While this protects you from somebody stealing your design it can give patent prowlers a nose at your super secret new car. In images found by Motor 1 we can take a quick peak.

Well that's what Lamborghini have done with the new Aventador replacement, while spy shots obviously can give a more visual representation these sketches give us a rough idea of what to expect. 

Lamborghini Aventador replacement

By the looks of it as we suspected the Italian car makers replacement flagship takes some styling cues from the Sian with the Y shaped headlight and a sculpted bonnet reminding a bit of the Countach.

The rear looks a bit alike the Veneno with the Y shapes which seem to be the biggest styling trend going forward for Lamborghini, 2 central hexagonal massive exhausts preach just shy of the engine bay. 

Lamborghini Aventador replacement back end

This will be the first production hybrid Lamborghini running a V12 with an electric hybrid system to bring Lamborghini in to the 21st century with I'm sure a roar and a bang. The driving experience of a Lambo is often dictated by its speed and sound something Lamborghini know too well offering a ear deafening scream combined with an odd for Lamborghini silent mode for in the city. I mean I'm sure there will be plenty of these up and down the dark blue bits of the Monopoly board. It won't be long until Knightsbridge is crawling with them.

The car won't be revealed until the end of Q1 2023, or sometime around the summer to you and I. 

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