Tesla Cutting Prices

Tesla Cutting Prices

Tesla cuts prices of new cars

Always wanted that sweet Tesla Model 3 or that model s but the prices have always been just out of touch stopping you from getting those juicy low running costs? Well now they are at least slightly less out of reach! Good news if you haven't bought one yet but bad news if you have just picked up your keys.

Reasons behind this price cut vary from there now being less supply chain issues meaning production can be re-vamped up or the also very possible attempt to squeeze competition out of the market. Tesla has dominated the electric car market but with the big tradiitonal car companies clawing in to their market share could this be a ploy to push out the likes of Volkswagen. It is likely with Teslas production focused on the electric cars the margins are better than the larger companies which have had to adapt legacy factories, knowing this Mr Musk may have opted to drop the car prices to make Tesla once again the only option. Restricting sales on other manufacturers cars to reclaim that customer base. But what do these sales look like?

Well an entry level model 3 has dropped from £51,000 to £43,000 yep thats nearly 20% off thats a pretty big saving off of a pretty big price tag.The model Y is down from around £54,000 to £45,000 this price slash is around on average 10%-13% while the US market could see cuts of 20%!

So now is the time take up that electric motor and stash those pennies away!


Photo Credit: Sasan Hezarkhani 

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