Jean Eric Vergne Wins Hyderabad E-prix

Jean Eric Vergne Wins Hyderabad E-prix

Jean Eric Vergne hold of Nick Cassidy to take the win at the first Hyderabad E-prix in a stunner in India. 

Entering the last lap JEV had 1% of energy while Cassidy has 4% so it is a done deal isn't it Cassidy wins? Not today JEV held off fantastically to lead the podium sitters of himself Cassidy and in the end Da Costa after a post race drive thru penalty for Buemi saw him drop from 3rd to 15th.

The race wasn't all about the results as it was a fantastic action packed race throghout the entire E-prix, with drivers fighting through from the back it never really felt like there was a lull period of the race. The leader was constantly under pressure and the race wasn't without incident.

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The first big incident came as Sam Bird sent a lunge in to the turn 3 hairpin but unfortunately collided and ruined 4 cars races including his team mate of Mitch Evans. With a lot of contact as he attempted to pass the Nissan he also caught up one of the Maserati's attempting to enter attack mode with what looked like a bit of an over ambitious lunge what was never on.

Championship leader Pascal Wherlein started in 15th made holding his championship lead look  hard to keep but he kept his head down drive quick and benefited from others misfortunes and came home to finish 4th. Rast had a moment where he gave championship contender Dennis some rear damage as he mounted the rear of the Mclaren. Not bad considering where he started this weekend in the walls on the first 3 minutes of the weekend!

Pascal Wherlein crash hyrderabad

Mahindra the Indian team had their team home race to look forward to finishing with a 7th place, while they showed great speed they will likely be disappointed with that result.

Pascal Wherlein now leads the championship by 19 points over Jake Dennis as Porsche take the lead of the constructors over Andretti with 101 points.

A great race as this seasons Formula e championship appears to be settling in to be a classic. Nex time out is in Cape Town South Africa on the 25th of February and we can't wait!

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