Bahrain Grand Prix 2023 Preview

Bahrain Grand Prix 2023 Preview

It's Rawe Ceek!

With testing out of the way we are now ready for the first race of the 2023 Formula one season.

The f1 season is ready to begin after testing at Bahrain, but what should we look out for?

While with testing we do not know the exact order we are soon to find out, the Redbulls look quick as do the Aston Martins but who's been hiding their hand and who showed too much?

Verstappen RB19

Max Verstappen will no doubt be looking to get his 2023 drivers championship defence off to a quick start, and it looks like Redbull have given him the car to have a good crack at it. This time last year we saw Ferrari with Charles Leclerc having a perfect start before their season fell apart, could we see that again this year?

Bahrain circuit

Mercedes look to have gotten their porpoising issues under control, while the car doesn't look too quick they are rumoured to be bringing a lot of updates to the first grand prix including visually different upgrades, maybe these upgrades can push Lewis Hamilton and George Russell in to a competitive race at the front. But they will have to look over their shoulders as Fernando Alonso looks lightning fast in the green Aston one of the stories of testing. Then the midfield gets a little, less predictable. 

In all honesty the rest of the teams look roughly similarly paced making it hard to tell the difference between them while Haas look like they have made steps forward McLaren once again after testing look like they have dropped back, only time will tell their fortunes.

Bahrain GP Track map

Racing at Bahrain has always put on a spectacle under the lights. a great race to start the year promising close racing action especially from turn 1 to turn 4. After the twisty start to the second sector lunges are known to happen at turn 9 and into the tricky steep downhill left hander at turn 10, and that's not all the run after the second straight offers another great overtaking opportunity where drivers can really go wheel to wheel for a long time!

We can't wait for the new season and the first runs in qualifying where we really can see what each team has brought with them!

Available to watch on F1 TV or Sky F1, the schedule is below!


FP1 - 11:30 - 12:30 GMT

FP2 - 15:00 - 16:00 GMT


FP3 - 11:30 - 12:30 GMT

Qually - 15:00 - 16:00 GMT


Race - 15:00 GMT

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Photo credit: F1

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