Are Volkswagen Entering Formula 1?

Are Volkswagen Entering Formula 1?

Are Volkswagen, Audi Or Porsche Entering F1?

It has long been a heralded rumour that along with Mercedes the other great German automotive manufacture of Volkswagen will eventually join Formula 1 and compete with Mercedes on the streets and the race track. Well this is NOT a rumour any longer! On 02/05/2022 VW chief Herbert Diess said "You just run out of arguments" with regards to reasons why the VW group aren't already in F1. But what does this mean? Is there going to be a team VW, a team Audi, a team Skoda? Well Audi and Porsche are the main brands which will be likely partnering existing teams.

Porsche F1 Car Render

Porsche F1 car render from


Audi have been rumoured for a long time now but constantly being shot down as a partner to Mclaren, this will likely offer the Woking based team incredible technical support, as well as great financial assistance as it is no secret this has been a concern previously for Mclaren.


Porsche is likely to be partnered with the Redbull racing team, this is no surprise considering the Redbulls openness to partnering with automotive manufactures as recently as Aston Martin until AML decided to run their own team. A Porsche partnership will likely be a technical partnership with Porsche taking a more prominent role than Aston Martin. It is also worth noting that VW are mainly looking at entering the 2026 season as a result of new engine regulations, this sounds a little bit like they may want to have a fair crack at the engine technology side of things to us!

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